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  • Rice Husk Baler/ Rice Hull Baler

    Used For:
    Rice Husk Baler/ Rice Hull Baler
    Peanut shells are one of those waste products that most companies don't think about.

  • Chopped Straw Baler/ Chopped Hay Baler

    Used For:
    Chopped Straw Baler/ Chopped Hay Baler

    However, rice husks are tiny, and not easily…

  • Textile Baler

    Used For:
    Textile Baler (Waste clothes baling, cloth baling, towels baling, quilts baling, pillows baling, shoes baling, carpet baling)

    Our baler with lifting chamber…

  • Used Tire Baler

    Used For:

  • Waste plastic materials)

    Used For:
    Waste plastic materials(Like plastic bottles, plastic bags, rigid plastic shell)

    As for hollow plastic, more and more recyclers…

  • Waste aluminum alloy

    Used For:
    Waste aluminum alloy (Like waste aluminum material, zip-top can, aluminum drum ,ect.)

    As for aluminum alloy frame/sheet, more and more customers…

  • Waste paper material

    Used For:
    Waste paper material (Like waste newspaper, book, carton,ect)

    As for paper, it is one of the most common waste in our life. Since its recycling value is very high…

  • Not chopped hay, plant fiber, fodder

    Used For:
    Not chopped hay, plant fiber, fodder(Like straw, cocoanut fiber, palm fiber,ect)

    Our Horizontal Baler, with a stored-program controller PLC…

  • Sawdust,Wood shaving

    Used For:
    Sawdust,Wood shaving

    That said, in order for wood shavings to be reused, they have to be compressed and bagged – this makes for

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