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In the range of vertical baler for packing used clothes, the Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler is with the most advanced technology and innovative design. It is also called twin chamber open baler or twin box baler. The baler adopt two compression chamber. The two compression chamber are through the central shaft to reach swivel and balance. Double chamber can realize that one chamber is feeding and the other is compressing. It means feeding and compressing at the same time. It greatly improves the work efficiency. When bale compression is finished, chamber will signal to realize automatic lift up. It is much easily to bale. The Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler gathered the advantages of both Twin Chamber Baler and Lifting Chamber Baler. It is present the best used clothes baler with the most efficient, good user experience and saving manpower.

Size of pack (mm)1500*1100*900
Travel length1600
Nominal Force(customized)900KN
Weight of pack (kg)350-550
Packing Speed (t/h)2-3.5
Straping lines5
Feed Opening Size1270(L)x720(H)
Chamber Size1270(L)x800(W)x1060(H)
Hydraulic Oil45#    -   150L
Work system16MPa
Reversing valveSolenoid valve
Cycle time30-40s(No feeding time)
Operation modeManual operation
Door opening modeManual
Feeding methodManual

Introduction of Hydraulic Vertical Baler

The hydraulic vertical baler is composed of hydraulic cylinder, motor and oil tank, pressure plate, box and base, upper door, lower door, latch, support of belting, iron bars etc.  

Performance and characteristics of Hydraulic Vertical Baler

1. Hydraulic compaction, manual loading, manual button operation

2. Maintain the physical properties of the material completely.

3. The waste compaction ratio can be up to 5: 1

4. Two strapping lines, simple to operate.

5. Anti-rebound barb, keep the compression effect.

6. Pressure plate can return automatically. 

7. The bales hang out automatically, greatly improve the work efficiency.

8. The safety door lifting vertically, the operation is simple. The machine won’t start, if the safety door is open. It’s very safe.

9. Adopt door stop with auto-shutdown design to make the machine more secure and reliable.

10. Equipped emergency stop button, install separately, location is high visibility, make the operation more secure.

11. Use European and American standard bullet-proof door structure, to protect the safety of the operator.

12. Equipped automatic balancing device to avoid accidents caused by improper placement of materials.

13. Use Japanese imported NOK seal ring, the service life is longer.

14. Use Taiwan imported stacking valve group, the installation volume is small, and maintenance is convenient.

15. The unique motor and pump are connected by a straight fork, which ensures that the pump and the motor are 100% concentric. It replaces the general coupling method and improves the service life of the pump.

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