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YDW series fully automatci horizontal baler is our featured product, with mature technology , and the machine quality could be ensured. Engineers are available to sevice machinery overseas. This machine is suitable for packing waste newspaper, carton, straw,ect. And it is widely used in woodwork mill, waste paper recycling plant and Forage plant.
Our machine has high performance and low noise hydraulic circuit system, using German imported Simens PLC control system and color touch screen, simple operation and clear interface. This machine adopts the automatic bundle device,fast speed, simple structure, accurate action, So the failure rate is low. The package length could be set automatically. In addition, the machine could record bale quantity exactly. The conveyor of the machine has strong loading capacity, large throughput and anti-slide function. Our machine adopts water cooling system.
This series horizontal baler has different models, could meet client’s different capacity dema

Size of pack (mm) L*W*H1600(adjustable)×1100×850
Travel length2800mm
Nominal Force800KN
Weight of pack (kg)500-750(kg)
Bale Density400-500KG/m3
Packing Speed (t/h)10-12(t/h)
Feed Opening Size )2000mm
Feeding deviceConveyor
Straping lines5
Chamber Size L*W*H2000mmx1060x1100
Hydraulic Oil45#    -   1800L
Work system15-20MPA
Reversing valveSolenoid valve (Optional)
Cycle time15-20s(No feeding time)
Operation modePLC
Feeding methodPLC

Open structure, makes the baling out convenient and quick, improves work efficiency.

The machine adopts three-sided clamping device, achieving automatic tightening and relaxation through oil cylinder.

The machine adopts unique automatic banding device, which is fast speed, simple structure, stable movement, low failure rate and easy to clean maintenance.

The machine is equipped with starting motor and supercharged motor, coulg save electricity, reduce energy consumption and save cost.

The horizontal baler could set the bale length freely and record the bale quantity accurately. It is conveniet for the opreator to use.

Unique concave type multipoint cutter design, reasonable double shear blade design, improves the cutting efficiency, prolong the service life of cutter.

Adopting differential technology to improve the packing speed and improve work efficiency

We adopt ship-level welding technology to ensure the machine stable and reliable.  

The bale size, machine voltage could be customized according to customer’s resonable requirements. Depending on the different materials, the bale weight will be different

Three-phase voltage, safety interlocking, simple operation. The air duct and conveyor are selectable, the work will be more efficient. 

The photoelectric switch automatically detects whether the material is full , realizing fully automatic function.

Unique anti-slide design avoids the appearance of trapezoid bags and makes the bales beautiful.  

The main oil cylinder adopts the gun ear bracket and the ball end face design, which can eliminate the torque on the main shaft and significantly prolong the oil sealing life.

The four directions of the machine outlet are flexible, which automatically distributes the four sides of pressure, can be widely used in the compression of various materials.

International standard circuit layout, graphical operation instructions and detailed component labeling are very simple for undestanding.


The ballast is processed by gantry milling machine to ensure the accuracy of movement.

The machine adopts the original Taiwan imported hydraulic system to make the machine more secure and durable.

No special site infrastructure is needed to make installation simple and easy.

PLC program, touch screen control, simple operation. Automatic loading detection, automatic compression, implementation of the unmanned operation

Automatic fault diagnosis, automatic display, improve detection efficiency.

Use British brand seals to ensure no oil leakage and extend service life.

The machine uses YUKEN valve group and Schneider electric appliance.


MinFeng Road, Beitang district,Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province,China
Tel:+86-051082324766     +86-051082304166
Hand phone:+86-15190203039
Quality comes from strength, regardless of the baler material, processing technology, production equipment, quality…

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